AR77 & SAR177 Roller Shutters

AR77 & AR177 wide span security roller shutters are ideal for securing very large shop fronts, commercial and industrial buildings, entrances & alcoves, carpark and basement areas, specialised garage doors and dividing internal floor/office space areas.

The AR77 Roller Shutter with a standard density core is designed to cover widths of up to 5 metres in one span whereas the SAR177 with a high-density polyurethane core is designed to cover widths of up to 6 metres.

Technical Specifications

AR77 & SAR177 profiles have a face depth of 77mm x 18.5mm curved blade and constructed from roll formed aluminium slats with an upper double folded lip (for extra strength) which forms a continuous hinge. Each slat (shutter curtain) is fitted with specially moulded end clips, which prevents lateral movement offering a smooth and quiet operation.

Each slat is coated with a fade and abrasive resistant enamel and injected with a polyurethane core. The SAR177 has the added feature of a high-density core.

Ventilation & Light Control:
An extruded aluminium profile with a face depth of 77mm x 19mm with rectangular punched sections of 80mm x 35mm at 80mm intervals provide ample natural light into designated areas. There are provisions in the extrusion for an optional polycarbonate insert if required.

An extruded aluminium profile with a face depth of 77mm x 16mm with double 80mm vertical slots (one on top of the other) at 80mm intervals provide ample natural airflow into designated areas.

Both these extrusions are compatible with the AR77 and SAR177 or can be used with the solid extruded bottom rail

Side Guides:
Choices of 53mm x 21mm, 62mm x 25mm or 70mm x 22mm extruded aluminium section for Compact German Box installations.

Both tracks have a hollow section for concealing fixings.
Both tracks are fitted with a nylofelt buffer for a quiet and smooth operation.
Both tracks allow a shutter penetration of up to 40mm deep for improved security.

Constructed of a 40mm, 60mm or 70mm galvanised axle or a 60mm aluminium axle.

Bottom Rail:
Is constructed from a 77mm x 19mm extruded aluminium section.

Specially designed security springs connect the top slat to the axle. When the security roller shutter has been activated fully in its down position, these clever springs will throw the top of the roller shutter into the back of the pelmet box if someone were to try and lift the shutter from the outside.

25mm x 3mm steel flat bars are housed inside an extruded aluminium section across the entire width of the shutter, anchoring deep into the side guides when activated. The locking mechanism is controlled by a two-way, double turn mortice lock that is positioned at the base of the roller shutter.

Can be used on almost any size security roller shutter opening and recommended on larger openings. Space saving direct drive tubular motors (slide into the axle) can be controlled by a toggle switch, key switch or remote control.

Multiple Roller Shutters can be operated by a single remote control or with a centrally mounted gang switch.

A special anti-fall ‘parachute’ appliance is highly recommended in larger areas. This unique system acts as an extra braking system in addition to the tubular motors braking system, offering a safeguard to the operator.

Battery Back Up:
UPS systems are strongly recommended particularly where there is a security roller shutter covering a doorway. These clever battery packs convert 24 volt to 240-volt power in case of power failure and do not enter into sleep mode when power fails, offering complete peace of mind.


End Slats and Guide Rails

Assembly Systems


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